News - Cannington Contract Win

August 2008

BHP Billiton has extended their partnership with Dawsons Engineering in the new Infrastructure Maintenance contract at Cannington Mine.

"Dawsons will be delivering maintenance and project support to non production assets on site at Cannington Mine and Yurbi Rail Head Facility" said Dawsons Operations Manager, Bernie Dalton. "It’s a good extension of services to a site where Dawsons have been providing shutdown, labour hire and project support for many years." The new contract will allow Dawsons ample room for growth in employment, training and service delivery both on and off site. "We have an extended opportunity here to utilise our Cairns and Townsville workshops to provide additional labour hire and technical support. It means greater communication and assistance for the on site Infrastructure Maintenance Crew as well as the broader BHP Billiton network", says Sharon Dawson, Sales and Labour Hire Manager.

"We had an overwhelming response to the employment opportunities associated with this contract," commented Sharon. "We advertised in Cairns and Townsville and were really impressed by both the number and the very high standard of applicants. We put it down to a combination of factors - an indication of the attraction of this type of work, the mine site and Dawsons’ presence in the industry."

Currently, Dawsons have mobilised two, alternating Site Services Crews to Cannington and will be developing more employment opportunities for local skilled tradesman. "Cannington is a large mine site and the Dawsons Contract provides maintenance services to underground and surface facilities, For example, yesterday we were 450 metres underground working on Plumbing and Carpentry projects. It’s these kind of conditions that will keep us on our toes and increase the job possibilities on site," says Bernie Dalton. As Operations Manager, Bernie will be in constant contact with the on site supervisors and will also conduct monthly visits. "Dawsons places a strong emphasis on maintaining regular communications between Head Office and Site staff to ensure that we build a team mentality to achieve a successful outcome for the project"

Sharon Dawson maintains that it’s the ‘one-stop’ nature of Dawsons Engineering that continually gets a response from the clients. Dawsons can deliver a project from start to finish, anywhere in the country and supply the labour and support services for the lifetime of the project. She believes that those skills "…along with our quality craftsmanship and service delivery, make a pretty tough combination to beat."

Steve Pearce and Mark Sibly of BHP Billiton Cannington and Bernie Dalton and Sharon Dawson of Dawsons Engineering
Steve Pearce and Mark Sibly of BHP Billiton Cannington and Bernie Dalton and Sharon Dawson of Dawsons Engineering